What's Multiverse?

We're a regional platform providing value to startups through an array of services. We connect creatives and entrepreneurs with investors and corporations, creating esential coalitions for the ecosystem. We prepare, structure and connect anyone who wants to grow their business to the next level.

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Multiverse Programs

Get to know our hands-on coaching programs and get the specific support you need to grow your business.

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Telefónica Open Future

Telefónica looks to develop local talent and entrepreneurship through their program Open Future Guatemala and their alliance with Multiverse, grouping all existing activities, initiatives and projects in the open innovation arena.

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Corporate Innovation

Multiverse works as the innovation department of your company. Join out Corporate Open Innovation program and get an efficient and agile innovation lab.

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Want to be a part of Multiverse?

Multiverse cuenta con una exclusiva y diversa red de inversionistas y mentores que incluye profesionales y empresarios de alto nivel y capacidad. Creemos que la capacidad de conectar a un emprendedor con el inversionista o mentor indicado y viceversa, es en donde se encuentra el máximo valor agregado de la colisión entre los miembros del ecosistema. Multiverse tiene como propósito crear todas las colisiones posibles entre el ecosistema, generando un mundo de posibilidades para todos los involucrados. Multiverse has an exclusive and diverse network of investors and mentors that includes high-level professionals and entrepreneurs. We believe that the ability to connect an entrepreneur with the indicated investor or mentor is where the maximum added value is. The purpose of Multiverse is to create all the possible collisions between the ecosystem, generating a world of possibilities for everyone involved.

I would love to have a broad portfolio of projects to support, and Multiverse allows me to have access to the best in order to Save time and money.

Philip Wilson


Thanks to the support that Multiverse has given us with financial and fiscal advice, we have a better perspective of our current financial status. They gave us very useful tools that we use daily.

Erick Fuentes


Collision Factory

The most innovative crowdworking space in the region.

Collision Factory is the first crowdworking space in Guatemala, offering a creative and refreshing space for entrepreneurs with potential. Collision Factory has a community of ambitious entrepreneurs to which you can belong!

Emprendimiento en Collision Factory
Emprendimiento en Collision Factory
Emprendimiento en Collision Factory
Emprendimiento en Collision Factory
Emprendimiento en Collision Factory
Emprendimiento en Collision Factory
Emprendimiento en Collision Factory
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