A mentor is an experienced and reliable counselor with a professional and personal journey that has led him to surpass obstacles and conquer their goals. Multiverse seeks to create collisions between these mentors and entrepreneurs through their programs.

The objective of creating this network of mentors is to be able to contribute to the development of Guatemalan entrepreneurs. Our mentors have the opportunity to share their contributions, knowledge and experiences with a mentee who is currently developing his business model or making changes in structure or knowledge.


What are the responsibilities of a mentor and advisor Multiverse?

  1. To show interest in sharing your experience and knowledge with mentees and entrepreneurs.
  2. To share with the mentee the successes and mistakes that you have had or has seen throughout his career and that the mentee will be able to imitate or avoid.
  3. To work in collaboration with other mentors from different areas practices.
  4. To maintain an attitude of commitment and desire to grant part of your time to offer impartial advice to the mentees.
  5. To reinforce and provide feedback to mentee.
  6. To be a support for the mentee in specific processes of your industry.

What commitments does being a Multiverse mentor and advisor involve?

  1. To keep complete confidentiality and discretion on all of the topics dealt with the mentee.
  2. TO be aware and commit to not replicate the business idea of mentee, or build / manage their competition.
  3. To commit and fulfill the stipulated work agenda, and demand from the mentee compliance with it.
  4. To be willing to build a periodic and cadent work agenda.
  5. To share a report on the results achieved with the entrepreneur.

What benefits do our mentors and advisors get?

  1. The opportunity to create a real and tangible impact on the entrepreneur ecosystem.
  2. The opportunity to work with nascent entrepreneurs, and to guide them through your experience and knowledge.
  3. Access to our crowd-working space: Collision Factory.
  4. The opportunity to soak up the new market trends and the emergence of new ventures; to be at the forefront of entrepreneur ecosystem

How does it work?


The accompaniment that Multiverse will give during the four sessions between The mentor and mentee, will be done through systematized forms where the progress of the mentoring process is reported.

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